What it isEdit

The Valkyrie Project is a secret society with plans to destroy the Nexus by engineering a [Planeswalker] powerful enough, and malleable enough, to destroy the Nexus.

Its HistoryEdit

The Valkyrie Project was formed by the monomanical Wagner, who first discovered an entrance to the Nexus. He learned, through his own experience, that becoming a [Planeswalker] has a profound, and often disastrous, effect on the untrained mind--which would explain his strange insanity. He devised a plan to develop another [Planeswalker] that he could control to carry out his plan to destroy the Nexus.

However, to become a [Planeswalker] capable of withstanding the stress of existing in two places at once requires a very special training across generations. Wagner formed the Valkyrie Project to engineer several "lines" of human beings genetically, psychologically, and pharmacologically across generations until the perfect specimen was found. Our Hero was the culmination of his work. Wagner himself survived such a long time by "replicating" himself.

Main ValkyriesEdit

Wagner: founder and mastermind, Wagner is a spider-like, neurotic little man with a monomaniacal obsession with destroying the creator of the Nexus. He always wears a telescopic (microscopic?) eyepiece which allows him to constantly view people at the cellular level.

Grieg: {haven't thought him through yet. details coming}

Debussy: a young woman who is Wagner's primary assistant, she is the one who activates the "mnemonic device" which causes our Hero to become hyperaware that somehow his world has changed. She introduces him to the Valkyrie Project. She is also a double agent who has very different motives, her loyalties lying with [the Representative], the mysterious ruler of the human race.