What it isEdit

The Nexus is a fantastic realm, or alternate reality, created by [The Entity], a god-like being found at the

center of the galaxy, and the [Representatives] of the three races.

Why it was createdEdit

Note for all pages. Anything written like this [Something] means a name has not been decided upon.

The three races (Aesir, Vanir, and Human(may want to change the first two names so they don't both end in 'ir' - just an aesthetic thing, i guess)<<---good point, looking for better names but these are from norse mythology {would like to find norse word for human}, plus i think i will make aesir and vanir related {as in same origin}), were embroiled in an epic war of galactic conquest. [The Entity] convinced the [Representatives] that this war would soon lead to the ultimate destruction of the galaxy, and instead offered to construct an elaborate alternate universe called the Nexus in which the three races would be allowed to continue their conflict without causing harm to the real universe. The three races, when connected to the Nexus, would be placed into a kind of stasis where they would no longer be able to venture out of their own corner of the galaxy. To offset this drawback, [The Entity] offered each [Representative] a godlike authority over their race, transforming them into beings similar to [The Entity], though significantly less powerful. Driven by an overwhelming sense of self-preservation, and the temptation of such awesome power, the [Representatives] agreed to the terms.

However, [The Entity] had its own preservation in mind, having never intended to allow the three races to compete openly inside the Nexus. [The Entity] created within the Nexus all kinds of beasts and spirits to prevent any one race from becoming dominant. [The Entity] also manifested itself inside the Nexus as a giant [Leviathan] capable of causing great destruction. And so a delicate balance was maintained.

{Some notes for self: Prisoner's Dilemma, Self-Preservation, Greek warfare}

The LandscapeEdit

The Nexus is a paradisiacal realm filled with fantastic gardens, lofty vistas, vividly colorful deserts, and night skies with stunning views of purple and red nebulae, glistening comets, and billions of luminous stars. It is a place of magic and beauty, teeming with ancient spirits and mythic beasts.

Nature of the NexusEdit

Inspirations for the Nexus: the Fields of Elysium, the Blessed Isles, the Otherworld, the Farplane.

The inhabitants of the Nexus, for the most part, exist only within the Nexus. (Whether or not they are self-aware, or "real", will be left as an ambiguity, as the question of what is real and what is not will be a constant thematic element. Are they merely shades, like so many imaginings of [The Entity]?) This is because the inhabitants of the Nexus were created from the mythic memory of the three [Representatives]. The exception are those few who have entered the Nexus from the real universe, and these few are called [Walkers {from "Planeswalker", a concept in MTG}], and they exist simultaneously between the Nexus and the real universe in a kind of dual-existence. It is impossible to cross from the Nexus to the real universe.

Since it was proposed that the Nexus be a battleground for the three races, each race possesses a structure within the Nexus that is defined by the essence of that race, and if that structure is destroyed, then that race will cease to exist within the real universe. So, if one race manages to topple the structures of the other two, it will find itself alone in the galaxy.