A Vague IdeaEdit

Add a little romance to spice things up.

Told in a suitable format.

Girl 1, the Hero has liked from the beggining

She’s kindof untouchable

on the innocent/cute side

its important that shes untouchable

Later Girl 2 is introduced

She is a tiny bit older than he is

a real bad ass

and she hates him


he saves her in some super lame but also VERY heroic and cool way

and she starts to like him


he doesnt like her

later in the story

the bad ass, Girl 2,

really likes him and he kindof starts to like her

because he actually was like convinced she doesn't like him, so he doesn't like her, but then she starts to like him


they finally

start to get to that point

where something might happen

BUT All of a sudden

Girl 1, becomes much less untouchable!!!

So now there’s a huge comeback for her

because now shes is super hot

but still kindof useless and innocent

The girls and the Hero are directly confronted with these issues…

Who knows who he will end up with????