Story StructureEdit

The story will be told in seven acts, each act corresponding to one of the dungeons. Each act, and dungeon, will have an overarching theme serving as the foundation. These themes will correspond to the seven chakras, forming a kind of "Story Arc." They are as follows: Survival/Fear, Pleasure/Guilt, Willpower/Shame, Love/Grief, Truth/Lies, Insight/Illusion, Cosmic Energy/Earthly Attachment. Here is a tentative order for the themes:

1. Willpower/Shame

2. Survival/Fear

3. Pleasure/Guilt

4. Insight/Illusion

5. Truth/Lies

6. Love/Grief

7. Energy/Attachment

Other ideas for structure: Shakespeare's plays often follow a five-act format. In the first act the characters are introduced. In the second act, a conflict arises which drives the plot. The third act is the climax. The fourth act is the falling action, and the fifth is the resolution. I plan for my story to have a similar structure, but with seven acts, and the climax occurring later than in the middle of the story. Here's a potential story arc:

1. Brave New World: the Hero enters a new and exciting realm. Everything is unfamiliar and strange. The Hero's closest friendships are developed here, and he begins to understand that he has a special mission.

2. Conflict: the enemy is hinted at, and the Hero is assaulted on many fronts as he furthers his quest.

3. The Love Triangle: tension arises as the Hero finds himself torn between two loves.

4. Heart of Darkness: the Hero is introduced to arcane knowledge about his mission that changes everything. This wisdom weighs heavy upon his conscience, and it begins to alienate him from his comrades, who are completely unaware.

5. The Betrayal: a traitor in their midst causes them to distrust each other, and the party splits. The story becomes much darker from here on out.

6. Love's labor lost: Tragedy befalls the party on all fronts, and the Hero finds himself separated from his love.

7. The Ascension: the Hero must go it alone in the end, embracing his true fate as the world draws closer to the Unveiling.

{Hopefully get to higher and higher levels of detail}