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It is my plan to write a fantasy book geared toward younger audiences (teens and young adults). The tone will be light-hearted and oft-times comical, masking the dark and morose themes of the story itself.

The purpose I have for this page is to gather my thoughts in a Wikipedia-style outline. It has been my experience in the past that not thoroughly outlining a story can lead to some devastating results.

My main goal is to create a story that is fast-paced and popular. I have asked you here because I know that you have some interest in the fantasy genre, and you know what makes a story worth reading/experiencing. So please post any thoughts you have about any of the articles, or feel free to add your own articles. I'm looking for as many ideas as I can gather in order to make this story as memorable as possible. So if you have thoughts about the fantasy genre in general, please share them! Is there something you think is totally badass that you want to see included in my story? Tell me about it! It is not my goal to create something original and new, only something that draws on the best elements from the best stories.

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