Part 1 will be split into 5 Acts, each act (minus act 1) including at least one conflict, climax, and resolution (of a previous act's climax).

Act 1Edit

The Introduction to the Real World.

Conflict: our Hero is faced with the terrifying prospect of entering the Nexus, placed before him by a mysterious organization which has been monitoring his family for generations.

Climax: the Hero enters the Nexus

Act 2Edit

Resolution: our Hero finds himself in the Nexus and explores, etc.

Conflict: Hero must confront his terrible inadequacy in this new culture. Finds himself having trouble fitting in. Picked on, defended by hilariously overconfident best friend.

Climax: Meets Girl 1

Act 3Edit

Resolution: more training, more tense and awkward interaction with Girl 1. Getting strong now! (Rocky music)

Conflict: develops a rival at the academy (perhaps because of girl 1? uh oh!!!)

Climax: conflict boils over into full on duel. Hero's awesome potential unleashed.

Act 4Edit

Resolution: people realize that Hero is special. Take him to fortuneteller person.

Conflict: fortuneteller person reveals prophecy regarding Hero. Hero gathers together a party to set out on quest.

Climax: Hero and party enter Dungeon 1.

Act 5Edit

Resolution: Hero and party travel through and explore labyrinthine dungeon.

Conflict: met with puzzles.

Climax: boss fight.

Resolution: get the first artifact.

Conflict: Simulacrum reveals something significant that introduces us to Part 2.

Chicken scratchEdit

Ulterior motives by nexus organization.

something goes wrong. dun dun dun

lands in protoss base. rescued/escapes?

ends up with rustic, tribe people. meets best friend.

tribe sends him to academy/city with best friend

hero and best friend accepted to academy.

turns out he's useless and academy has some major unequal treatment

adults look down on kids. privileged group gets special treatment. hero treated poorly by teachers (except for mentor 1)