What they areEdit

Currently, the seven dungeons are pieces of the "body" of [the Entity] scattered across the Nexus during [the Entity's] reincarnation cycle. Each dungeon contains an artifact endowed with magical powers which [the Hero] must retrieve in order to become self-actualized. It will be revealed that these artifacts are, in actuality, pieces of [the Entity's] soul. Also contained within each dungeon is a key to the next one, as well as various monsters, along with a boss, that protect the treasures within.

(My inspiration for this concept is Legend of Zelda, although I can think of a few other games that loosely fit this concept, such as Final Fantasy. My favorite is Link's Awakening, in which he must collect instruments to awaken the Wind Fish. So yeah, I want to have something very similar to Link's Awakening, but I'm having trouble thinking of something sufficiently different and interesting.)


Each dungeon, and the act which corresponds with that dungeon, will have a theme. The themes I have chosen correspond to the themes of the seven chakras in Avatar the Last Airbender. They are as follows: Survival/Fear, Pleasure/Guilt, Willpower/Shame, Love/Grief, Truth/Lies, Insight/Illusion, Cosmic Energy/Earthly Attachment. {The question then is how shall I order them into a coherent story arc?}