Choose your CharactersEdit

The story will revolve around the lives of individuals who will comprise the party through whose cooperative efforts will undergo trials and complete quests.

The party will be formed from many different types of characters with variable roles, times of introduction, relationship with the main character, face time, i.e. the party will not have obvious boundaries and will not be formed in 1 day.

The best friendEdit

There will be a best friend character who is introduced pretty early in the story.

The best friend will have certain attributes: cocky, short-tempered (the kind of person who yells at kids if they annoy him), and waaaay too serious. He will be very passionate about being helpful to the Hero, to the point of being jealous of other people who are doing something cool or helping him out.


The hero has a fate that makes him unique from any other member of any other race, and a destiny that will affect the future of the whole universe.

The hero is a little shy, hesitant of taking part of his destiny, and not at all a perfectionist. He seems naive but has great potential.

Innocent GirlEdit

Girl 1 is shy, cute, and innocent. Introduced to the hero very early in the story and becomes an important part of his past.

Blonde hair. Involved in the love triangle.

There is a large time in the story where the hero loses contact with her. <---Perhaps when [the Hero] must seek arcane wisdom alone? Or party is split?

Has significant roles to play in the story but are usually less direct and passively accomplished.


Wild GirlEdit

Girl 2 is less related to the Hero's past. She is much more physically capable than most. Her roles in the story are much more active and her time spent with the Hero and his party is significant.

Black hair. Involved in the love triangle.

The non-friendlyEdit

This member of the party will begin as an enemy to the Hero. He will always only indirectly aid the party. He will always claim to not be affliated with the Hero and will even say he is against him.

This guy will be very independent and is not to be mess with....

Further thoughts: will often act according to his own interests/motives, and will cause the thin trust to be strained on multiple occasions.

The TraitorEdit

In contrast to [the non-friendly], I feel there should be a character that is far more trusted yet ultimately betrays the hero in a very serious way. This character would most likely strongly urge [the Hero] to distrust the motives of [the non-friendly], and would also seek to stir up strife between them (by perhaps framing [the non-friendly]). This could help create some serious tension in the middle of the story.

The SimulacrumEdit

The first artifact discovered by [the Hero] will be the Simulacrum, a golem-like creature that will serve as [the Hero's] most important guardian.

The choice of the name Simulacrum is deliberate, as the word means "image, or likeness." Usually this image is an imperfect copy of the original, or bears only a likeness to another thing, such as the likeness of a man's face seen in a gnarled tree trunk.

The Simulacrum bears the likeness (in a philosophical sense) of [the Entity], yet it is an imperfect likeness--more like a shadow than anything else. {Don't want to get too philosophical here. Concept is confusing enough, but should play well into themes of Ambiguity and Gnosis when demonstrated, not explained}.

The Simulacrum is tall, broadly built, and has the complexion of tarnished silver. The Simulacrum has a different kind of intelligence as it experiences the world in a different way, and alone (think Data from Star Trek). What it speaks is often simple, yet profound. It is impervious to all heat and cold and cannot be broken by any force. (In fact, none of the artifacts can be broken)

The Wise SageEdit

I don't find it necessary that the party should have a wise old sage traveling with them at all times, or that there is only one uber-wise character, but there definitely has to be a Mentor figure or figures.

[The Hero] has to train to become stronger at least through the first half of the story arc, and so there must be a Mentor to help him along the way.

{The Mentor is a necessary element of the Hero's journey. No hero's journey story is complete without it.}

Some ideas for mentors (using the word 'he' here for the sake of brevity):

1. The Patient Mentor: this figure is kind and encouraging. A good mentor for when [the Hero] is weak and inexperienced or at the beginning of his journey. This mentor will fill him with confidence, but will also protect him from hard truths.

2. The Drill Sergeant: this mentor shows no pity and will train [the Hero] hard because he knows what is at stake. This mentor has seen pain and suffering at the hands of his enemies, and is perhaps also driven by revenge. This mentor will cause [the Hero] great anguish, but the lessons he learns will be necessary ones.

3. The Enlightened One: this mentor is detached and appears to show little interest in [the Hero] or his journey, perhaps because he believes everything is but an illusion. This mentor will cause [the Hero] to become extremely frustrated because [the Enlightened One] will not say anything directly, and to learn anything from this mentor requires great patience, something [the Hero], because of his youth and naivety, lacks. [The Hero] will leave this mentor before learning the lessons he can teach, and this impatience will hurt him later on.